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Social Enterprise Workshops

Social Enterprise 101 : Offering Innovative Solutions to Community Issues

A social enterprise is a business with social goals that sells products/services in the marketplace and reinvests its profits into its goals. It can be an interesting model for a non-profit to use, one which comes with its own unique challenges and benefits.

Participants in this workshop will come away with a deeper understanding of what a social enterprise is. They will also:

  • Learn about the opportunities for social enterprise.
  • Understand the risks and challenges.
  • Gain tools to help assess if it would work for their non-profit.
  • Find out about resources to support social enterprises.

Cost: $40 per person (tax included) Duration: 1/2 day



Making the Shift from a Traditional Non-Profit to an Enterprising Non Profit

As a follow-up to the Social Enterprise 101 workshop, this course focuses on the cultural, organizational, and governance changes that need to take place for a traditional non-profit to successfully move into the social enterprise arena. Through presentations, group exercises, and case studies participants will learn:

  • how to determine if social enterprise is right for their organization
  • how to assess their non-profit’s readiness and capacity
  • how to assess the feasibility of their business ideas
  • the keys to launching a successful social enterprise
  • what resources are available to help develop a social enterprise in NB

Cost: $70 per person (tax included), lunch provided Duration: 1 day


Financing your Social Enterprise

This half-day workshop focuses on the various models being used by non-profits and social enterprises to capitalize their start up and expansion projects. Participants will explore traditional means (i.e. donations, grants, fundraising) and be introduced to the newer, innovative capital-raising tools being used by social enterprises today like:

  • Owner/member equity
  • Community and private investment (CEDIF, SBITC, equity-based crowd funding, angels, VCs)
  • Social Impact Bonds
  • Social enterprise loans and loan guarantees

Through presentations, case studies, and small group discussions, participants will assess how these tools might apply to their organization’s needs, structures, and opportunities. They will also learn where to find more information and resources to help them with next steps.

Cost: $40 per person (tax included), Duration: 1/2 day

All Social Enterprise Workshops are facilitated by Wendy Keats, Mandy Burke and Christina Allain of the Co-operative Enterprise Council of NB (CECNB), who together have over 40 years of experience in the non-profit community. Learn more about these engaging facilitators.

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  • Province of New Brunswick
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