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How to Host a Workshop

LearnSphere Canada works with partners to host workshops where and when they are most needed. Partners can be regional volunteer centres, economic development organizations, sector associations or any non-profit organization that wants to take the lead in empowering and strengthening their community.

Workshops are available to be hosted as either in-house sessions (i.e. the partner invites only their staff, board, etc.), or as open-sessions, where all non-profits in the community are invited to participate.

We make it easy for you

You can bring Training for the Non-Profit Sector workshops to your community or organization in just three steps:

1. Pick a workshop.
2. Promote the workshop.
3. Register 10 people or more.

We take care of the rest – even providing marketing materials to help you promote the workshop to those who would benefit most: your staff, volunteers, community or association members.


We are currently accepting requests to host workshops. Contact us today to bring high-quality, practical and affordable workshops to your community and non-profit organization.

Laura Maynard, Program Manager
(506) 452-0387, ext. 6

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  • LearnSphere Canada
  • Province of New Brunswick
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