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Project Management Workshops

Essentials of Project Management

Small fundraising events, large construction projects and ongoing service delivery programs have something in common: applying project management best practices can make them more successful.

Using hands-on exercises, participants in this workshop will learn essential project management tools for planning, running and delivering projects of any scale. The session will address:

  • Understanding when project management principles apply.
  • Estimating and scheduling tasks.
  • Managing and mitigating risk.
  • Building and monitoring metrics to report on outcomes.


Cost: $70 per person (tax included), lunch provided        Duration: 1 day

Budgeting and Financial Tracking

Receiving funding or winning a bid to deliver a project is an achievement in any non-profit organization. Successfully managing and remaining accountable for the funds can present a new challenge.

This workshop will help non-profit organizations set up a system to manage finances for all types of projects. Participants will practice hands-on budget creation and learn to:

  • Understand financial statements.
  • Build a budget and create projections.
  • Present a budget and get it approved.
  • Implement, monitor and revise a budget.
  • Record and report expenses properly.


Cost: $40 per person (tax included)        Duration: 1/2 day

Grant and Proposal Writing

After identifying a need in a particular community or an opportunity for a new program, it’s essential to find the funds to make those aspirations a reality.

A grant-winning proposal is similar to a sales pitch, from capturing the reviewer’s attention and demonstrating an understanding of the need, to persuasively presenting a solution. This hands-on workshop will focus on:

  • Conducting a needs analysis.
  • Crafting a compelling opening and presenting a solution.
  • Developing goals and measurements suited to the funder’s interests.


Cost: $40 per person (tax included)         Duration: 1/2 day

All Project Management workshops are facilitated by Laurie Bourque who has been providing training across New Brunswick since 2003 with his company, Kensington Associates. 

  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • LearnSphere Canada
  • Province of New Brunswick
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